NYC Area Buoy Weather Data

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 Air Temperature   Water Temperature   Wind Direction @ Speed   Wind Gust Speed   Barometer   Barometer Trend   Wave Height   Wave Dominant Period 

72.0 °F n/a °F Wind from SS 7 mph 11 mph n/a in n/a in 0.7 ft n/a sec

81.3 °F 59.9 °F Wind from SS 9 mph 13 mph 29.81 in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

75.0 °F 61.5 °F n/a n/a mph 29.81 in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

85.5 °F 66.7 °F Wind from WSWWSW 6 mph 10 mph 29.80 in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

86.2 °F 66.4 °F Wind from WSWWSW 9 mph 13 mph 29.78 in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

67.3 °F 59.7 °F n/a n/a mph 29.84 in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

74.7 °F 70.9 °F Wind from SSESSE 7 mph 9 mph 29.81 in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

82.9 °F n/a °F Wind from SWSW 18 mph 20 mph 29.83 in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

85.3 °F 67.3 °F Wind from WSWWSW 7 mph 10 mph 29.82 in n/a in n/a ft n/a sec

Western Long Island Sound at 1820: Air:72.0°F, Wtr:n/a°F, S@7mph G 11, n/ain, Wav:0.7ft Execution Rocks (44022) - no recent report available Kings Point, NY at 1830: Air:81.3°F, Wtr:59.9°F, S@9mph G 13, 29.81in, Wav:n/aft The Battery, NY at 1830: Air:75.0°F, Wtr:61.5°F, 29.81in, Wav:n/aft Ambrose Light, NY (ALSN6) - no recent report available Sandy Hook, NJ (SDHN4) - no recent report available Sea Girt, NJ (SGRN4) - no recent report available Newbold, PA at 1830: Air:85.5°F, Wtr:66.7°F, WSW@6mph G 10, 29.80in, Wav:n/aft Burlington, Delaware River, NJ at 1830: Air:86.2°F, Wtr:66.4°F, WSW@9mph G 13, 29.78in, Wav:n/aft Brant Beach, NJ (BRBN4) - no recent report available Atlantic City Marina, NJ (ACMN4) - no recent report available Atlantic City, NJ at 1830: Air:67.3°F, Wtr:59.7°F, 29.84in, Wav:n/aft Avalon, NJ (AVAN4) - no recent report available Cape May, NJ at 1830: Air:74.7°F, Wtr:70.9°F, SSE@7mph G 9, 29.81in, Wav:n/aft Brandywine Shoal Light, DE at 1830: Air:82.9°F, Wtr:n/a°F, SW@18mph G 20, 29.83in, Wav:n/aft Lewes, DE at 1830: Air:85.3°F, Wtr:67.3°F, WSW@7mph G 10, 29.82in, Wav:n/aft

ID Name Time
44040 Western Long Island Sound 1820 72.0 n/a S Wind from S 7 11 n/a n/a 0.7 n/a
44022 Execution Rocks No recent reports.
KPTN6 Kings Point, NY 1830 81.3 59.9 S Wind from S 9 13 29.81 n/a n/a n/a
BATN6 The Battery, NY 1830 75.0 61.5 n/a n/a 29.81 n/a n/a n/a
ALSN6 Ambrose Light, NY No recent reports.
SDHN4 Sandy Hook, NJ No recent reports.
SGRN4 Sea Girt, NJ No recent reports.
NBLP1 Newbold, PA 1830 85.5 66.7 WSW Wind from WSW 6 10 29.80 n/a n/a n/a
BDRN4 Burlington, Delaware River, NJ 1830 86.2 66.4 WSW Wind from WSW 9 13 29.78 n/a n/a n/a
BRBN4 Brant Beach, NJ No recent reports.
ACMN4 Atlantic City Marina, NJ No recent reports.
ACYN4 Atlantic City, NJ 1830 67.3 59.7 n/a n/a 29.84 n/a n/a n/a
AVAN4 Avalon, NJ No recent reports.
CMAN4 Cape May, NJ 1830 74.7 70.9 SSE Wind from SSE 7 9 29.81 n/a n/a n/a
BRND1 Brandywine Shoal Light, DE 1830 82.9 n/a SW Wind from SW 18 20 29.83 n/a n/a n/a
LWSD1 Lewes, DE 1830 85.3 67.3 WSW Wind from WSW 7 10 29.82 n/a n/a n/a